To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and Temporary Local Rules as displayed on Notice Board.

Out of Bounds - Defined by black topped posts

(Boundary objects are immovable and no free relief is available)

Any part of the Resort car parks

All private residences

On or beyond the asphalt road alongside the 18th green

Penalty Areas - Defined by red stakes

Abnormal Course Conditions Including Immovable Obstructions Rule 16.1

a) Ground under Repair - Areas in bunkers where sand has been removed by the movement of water resulting in deep furrows through the sand.  Relief without penalty may be taken under Rule 16.1c

b) Immovable Obstructions - (Toilet blocks on 6th & 13th holes)

All distance markers

All stakes defining penalty areas, GUR and No Play Zones

Practice fairway fence on holes 3 & 9.  The player MUST determine the nearest point of relief without crossing over, through or under the fence.

(All sprinkler heads and water equipment covers)

(All road and paths paved or covered with artificial surfaces)

Immovable Obstructions close to putting greens (eg. Sprinkler heads)

In addition to the types of interference described in Rule 16.1a, interference also exists if an Immovable Obstruction is on the players's line of play and is within two club-lengths of the putting green and is within two club-lengths of the ball.  The player may take relief without penalty under Rule 16.1b.  (Exception - There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play that is clearly unreasonable)



Area defined by green stakes.  Relief MUST be taken as per rule 16.1b


If there is doubt whether a ball is in or lost in the water hazard on the left hand side of the 11th and 14th fairway, Rule 18.3 is modified to allow a player to play a ball provisionally under any of the applicable relief options in Rule 17.1d

If the original ball is found outside the penalty area the player MUST continue play with it.  If the original ball is found in the penalty area, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the ball played provisionally under Rule 18.3.

If the original ball is not found or identified with the three-minute search period, the player MUST continue with the ball played provisionally and that ball becomes the ball in play.